Monday, May 08, 2006

i'm sorry momma

i never meant to hurt you -- i never meant to make you cry, but tonight i'm cleaning out my closet!

that's where i am right now. cleaning the hell outta my apartment. movin' thangs around until they suit a more refined me. cleaner. more space. less junk. more focused. i can't wait. but i have to figure out the shoe situation. i mean really. i have about 70 pair just sititng here - looking at me... most of them have boxes because the baby cat Cosi decided she liked italian leather too soon in her life for me to try and kill her.

i am happy for my sis, Bassey. she is going to be a great one. for someone more important than those that sit in the audience and judge... trust me sweetie. you were born for this :)

ive been working out more reguraly. it hurst more than you know. atleast i dont hate it as much anymore.

and the foot. oh boy. the foot is still all hell, i've just learned how to ignore the pain and remove the shoes quicker. i cant wait for the operation that will straighten them out and allow me to rock my shell toes once more... huuuuuwaaaa

i can't write

i will work on it. something in this will make you feel alive.


CousinSarah said...

Must be in the air Mo, time to clean out what is no longer helpful, conducive or remaining stagnet. Change is always the painful journey to an amazing new space.

Shelle said...

ah but it is, it is...change always shows ya what ya made of, despite the pain.
glad you will be abel to rock those shoes more mo...muah!!

joey said...

never say can't....
miss you,

Angel said...

'tis the season for cleaning evidently...and winds of change...?!?!
~fallen angel