Sunday, July 23, 2006

right when i started to stress,

no one is coming - producing shows in the summer sucks, people are wack!

we had an incredible crowd of people that filled the room and left their

grudges at the door.

it was a blessing. the entire evening.

here is me learning how to doubledutch, again


my coffee is always said...

good job, ma... taking your advice.... all is better in my world....
love ya..
live miK

Anonymous said...

Tis why I call my new book "Doubledutch"- but the funny thing is- I never learned how :-) I just noticed it start to disappear from street corners and parking lots and saw more and more young girls pushing carriages...

but I feel you, and I'm glad your venue is a success- can you send us some of your good vibes? :-)

I'm sending your book next week and thank you thank you for your quote- you are sharing the cover with Nikki Giovanni wooohoooooooo

Anonymous said...

Yes! This is exactly how I felt that night-- the first poetry event I have been to in ages where I was just focused on the stage and the way people's words lifted me up-- it was incredible. No matter the crowd, because really, it was just perfect. Thank you for that.

<3 Caitlin