Wednesday, July 19, 2006


this is the beginning of the end.
i am unsure if i want to keep this up
this front

the one that speaks to people
posing as poets
arguing the devices with mispronouciation

i hate NY for that
bringing in a generation
that assume they

got this shyt on lock
without study
or respect or skill, barely talent

you are a failed rapper
i think.
any bum on any given

A train is talented
when you goin' make God proud?
then the drama follows

the things that fall out of
of order;
out of a teenagers mouth,

combusting into gossip
that will be served with beer
and shots of tequila

upset my stomach
brim over my conscious
make me laugh when alone

as if i could be any less sane
than now
but i know the talking

just a sign
that im doing it write

that is for the vultures. once i have returned from nationals. i will spill the beans. honestly. i would do it now, if i wasn't trying to be an adult about it. but then again, by the time nationals is over, i will have forgotten about it because honestly. it's boring already.


Shelle said...

over here nodding my head silently...

Anonymous said...

I am nodding my head right along with you, and assuring you that sadly, this is not only in NY, it is everywhere there is a tv that shows def poetry jam or love jones or any other show that promotes the word we love so much

there are few of us who grew up like we did, reading poetry, living it really, loving the stage and the burn of the lights and the feeling of writing something meaningful

there are those who hate on our light, try to dim it with all thier might (hey that rhymed :-) but it is up to us to stay true to our soul

I know you are missing your baby so much and mine will soon be away as well and I will join you in the empty nest syndrome for a few weeks..but soon school will be back in session and we'll be right back to packing lunches and checking homework and acting as a taxi :-)

be well..know that you cross my mind everyday...