Friday, July 14, 2006

then there was 5

if i ever found the words
to slice from your tongue with precision
i'd use nothing but my claws

purposeful poet, vengeful for reasons unknown
you could not love the parts that
suited you best

there is forgiving, then there is forgetting
you need a definition for both
find the ability to blink before reflection
acceptance will remain your highest hurdle,
hate is still the four-letter word that
rocks you to sleep
even, now

how have you managed?
manchild womanstorm - free spirit
who will welcome you home?
when will your soiled footprints be enough
of a growth spurt?
when will you realize your potential?
when will you let go?

before today, i fought
tooth decaying under pressure,
i your watchdog, guardian, gorilla bitch
-- loyal--
traced the obvious marks back home
funnel cloud remnants of you, lie, shed
like the snake still hissing dark shadow silhouttes
dormant being,
watch your tongue,
the ancestors know the truth.

1 comment:

Shelle said...

mo your wisdom is will b nice to have your good spirit around at nationals.