Friday, July 21, 2006


its gonna rain cats and dogs today
and i have a class to teach.

actually, its 3 classes, as i am
stepping in for a colleague -- so yea
3 hours of kids. so not excited!

that said,

more lovely news. i have been commissioned
to host the Black August Concert this year.

the bad thing about it - i'd have to leave
the Nationals on Sunday, rather than chillin'
there for a couple of more days as planned.

but work and opportunity be like that...
sorry live mik :(

what else -- o great, we are now on storm
im so unexcited


Anonymous said...

I've cried already.... I had so been looking forward to the visit. Long as we can hang, get out PF Chang and Starbuck thang one on one... You are a wanted woman.. I'm not madatcha.... See you in like, what 18 days? Now you know I have enough tickets to go back to Brooklyn witcha CL Smooth and MT? We still have October........
Check you're e-mail, I'm back up...
love ya..
evil miK

joey said...