Tuesday, June 07, 2005

here we go again

going thru the same thangs... here we go again! ya'll remember that song? those cats actually came to my high school and performed in the quad. does anyone remember their name? hmmm

today was surprisingly great. my girls at the pregnant school in Queens had their last performance/workshop - it was dope. i brought in books from christa bell, queen sheba, doreen baidoo, rac mckibbens, staceyann chin, marie malette, mayda devalle, katie o'loughlin, sydnee stewart, jade d banks, phyastartah, slam queens of buffalo ny, uche and so many more talented contemporary women poets on the scene. the girls LOVED them!

i have to get ready for my cave canem workshop tonite. im so proud of my girl amanda! she got accepted into the cave canem summer retreat. which we will be attending next year! it's a blast. nights full of writing, partying, building with other artists NON STOP! can you imagine that? i can hear the writer in you shivering! lol

anyway, the sun is shinin' bright and i gotta print out papers, wash clothes and get ready for my show at HUSH tomorrow and then we all leave for Southern Fried around 3am tomorrow (as in thursday) morning... get at you in a minute.

bklyn sun'n


Raquita said...

the group name was Portrait - they also sang Honey Dip- Sorry I know its sad I even know this - I had that album - though not the luxury of seeing them live...

Mahogany L. Browne said...

I am so not mad at YOU! st. louis repp'n hard! lmao hows the writing going? you check out any of those writers i told you about?