Friday, June 17, 2005

i did it

got a new computer. just now. i swear!
got off the plane in milwaukee, went to get copies @ office depot
(the touring poets mantra) and i saw a laptop on sale.
it was a really good one for a cheap price.
and because im tired of my computer kicking me off... i did it!
i bought it - with my last little bit of cash. but i just kept say'n
"its an investment"
and it is. my art depends on this.

live from milwaukee

ps - much love to my sis. who just called with the great news and a free ticket to new orleans for 4th of July weekend!


Amanda Johnston said...

Have fun sugar. Write all about the 4th on your new machine.


Raquita said...

Congrats Homie! You deserve it - type your little heart away!!!