Monday, June 13, 2005

a week's worth

here i am. sitting at blvd located in the LES of NYC.
naked booties and breasts EVERYWHERE
hush magazine is an adult magazine (see: black playboy)
and i dig the fact that the owner is a woman
so yea, im down...
i perform BLACK P*SSY before the fashion show
which starts late (about 45 minutes late)
head to the door with my cane, smiling at the red carpet that i walked down
before heading to my broken down SATURN
i still have to pick up amari and j so we can head to Jersey before leaving for Charlotte(breathe)

we have passed a car rolling backwards without a driver, several cars flipped over, and atleast 3 other
fender benders. if anyone knows north carolina -- u know that the driving is ridiculous
we finally get to registration (about 1 hour late) just to find out we have a bout in less than 2 hours!
we still havent checked into our hotel (which is 8 miles away) showered, crapped. and we all smell
like car... we get to our bout - lose by 5 points (the southern fried fiasco is outlined on the OTHER weblog). whateva
we eat steak and shrimp anyway. regroup. practice and pass out.

slammaster's meeting (outlined in the other weblog as well).
we gather everyone together, eat at joe's crab shack - it's not as good
as the sign said it would be. kas pays 30 bucks for a chicken salad!
i liberate a t-shirt in honor of it all...we slam that nite against DC & Columbia
we win. i got my coffee. we stay to support newark vs New orleans. they lose by half a point.
amari falls asleep -- however, she has written her best poem yet. called the twin towers
in this masterpiece, she says: don't vote for george shush. (as in be quiet!) yes. my baby gets a
standing ovation! head back to the hotel. nothing but mickey d's open (and after 100 dolla's worth of eating the nite before
that's all we eating)... we sleep

im sick. really sick. i cant sit down without having to run to the bathroom and every other minute
we all have breakfast at the hotel cafe. i take amari swimming after i pray to the porcelain god once more.
we head to the bout - we have to slam @ 3pm. we get there, the slam gets full, starts late (as usual). tally black on black and flint, michigan are in our bout. we win. i got the only 30 of the bout! likwid got a 29.9 jive and kas got a 29.7 - its kinda bittersweet.
cause now we have to wait to see which teams won or lose to see if we are in (see southern fried scandal for that story!)
we are shafted for our spot in the finals. when i say shafted i mean STICK UP THE A-HOLE FOR US YANKS!
whateva, we support the teams that made it cause they are firstly our friends!
ches kanno, asia, will da real one & paul d rep for miami with a cat named Khaleed (sp?). charlotte reps with sheba, mekkah, bluz, Q, and maze. newark reps with flow, big mike, myra and another systa...dont remember her name. and new orleans rocked as the 4th team. charlotte won, miami 2nd, nj 3rd. cant wait to get home.

we left as quickly as possible. got home after a lot of sleeping with numb hands and legs and stiff neck
finally pulled into nj - but j, amari and i still have 45 minutes to get home in bklyn
we do
eat jamaican food from golden krusts
feed the cats, clean up their crap
wash the car off of us again and sleep

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Mo, Jive and the rest of NJ are Miami's homies too. when you gonna send me you and jive bio info for the website.

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