Thursday, June 30, 2005

n mo stuff

chillin' ova in these parts people. the rain is back n forth
making it real hard to not slip. doc said i can remove the
cam walker (the robotic leg thingie!) but my foot is still too
fat to fit in my shoes... even my shell toes! :(

no worries!
we went to check out the theatre again for the aug 6th show. it
is just so amazing ya'll. the conception. the manifestation of
an idea? it's so beautiful. i promise you -- almost as good as
an orgasm. ok -- a small orgasm, but it feels good all the same!

i am selling tickets as we speak, crystal i ain't forgot about
you sweetie! push my paypal t-shirt joint on the site and i will send them out
immediately! lol believe it or not, we have sold over 50 tickets already!
the theatre only seats 120! so i'm very pleased, especially since
we haven't sent out the mass emailing! i love ya'll for that...

i gotta go work on takin' ova the world. me and he got mountains
to crush... in a minute

bklyn livin'

ps: shout to ms bassey. i believe in you sis. rock on!
mr hart -- hold it down in madison, thanks for the inspiration -- always welcomed
and definitely needed!
dasha. you are my systa, man. we knew this in canada, right? can't wait for the slumber party! co-ed, eh? lol see ya when i return in aug!
amari, mommy misses you.
black, thanks for the smoking quit. we love to hate you too much to see you kilt ova!
vic, as usual my gyrl that comes thru right on time.
esther - you deserve all the happiness in the world. im so proud of you.

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