Wednesday, June 15, 2005

why you are crazy if you should ever date a poet!

I - poets are always working on their next poem... hence - the poetic gestures in your excxhange!

II - poets never say what they mean. there are always several meanings waiting in the wings!

III - poets have TOO many groupies. and if they are good they may have countries full! while this may not mean anything to the confident partner - but after truck loads of love letters, songs, and sex offers the rejection process can become a tiring, tedious & overwhelming.

IV - poets are workaholic. if they aren't at a venue stuck under some spotlight, they are buried in the bat cave writing a masterpiece.

V - poets are crazy. just plain ole' outta their nutshell!

now if you must DATE one of these maniacs. here are a couple of really great things about these artist.

i. poets are in touch with words. they have a way of manipulating them so well that you feel like you are walking on fluffy word clouds whenever they are around (see what i just did?! dats what im talking about!)

ii. poets more than likely will immortalize your shyt! having a poem written about you (not no eminem ish either!) is the biggest turn on (when you are a woman) so to hear a poem written in your likeness, is like a painter winning a prize after sketching a portrait of you.

iii. even if they are dense. they usually have some really intense emotions. you can feel it in their speech. their kiss. their hold. if they are passionate about writing, just compare that to their passion behind closed doors!

iv. if you are a loner, your poet mate will be out working -- alot! and if you need to be reminded that your mate is hot -- there will be more than enough admirers milling around, waiting for you to leave this hunka hunka mountain of words. all a pleasant reminder that you have a good catch!

v. poets are crazy. what can i say - some people like drama! lol


OBermeo said...

another thing to know--

if POET is in the middle of writing a new piece, please leave POET alone


poetesscrystal said...


and if you are in love with a poet- even a big girl poet- be prepared to watch as other men fawn and drool and alla that

they love us

Raquita said...

As a poet I have question my mates sanity many a time - why would you even put your self through the trama of being with me... his response -normal people ar crazy too - besides poets are more fun - and I think he likes it when I immortalize his shyt - shoot its gotta be a stoke on the ego when your lady wakes up after with a NEED to write.. I trying to hold on to my sanity have NEVER dated a poet - although I certianly contemplated it once or twice.

my coffee is always said...

Did you forget about the deadly venom of the pen during the break-up process!?! I have been in venues when these nuts.. opps, forgot, I am also a POET, have gone at it... It's mad crazy...
And uhh, a little poetic trangression, at times, is good for the soul.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

yo 13, those be the best poems!