Tuesday, April 11, 2006

because i owe you this...

here is a kiss.

knowledge full and free of malarkey. i like that word. it makes me think of london.
i like london. even moreso now. (im sorry kenji. i didnt know). but life makes you wonder
what would you do without it. without breathing in between the madness.
without the shopping of new records for your turntables (droop) or the shoe shopping that
only us girls get (tee tee). or the poem that makes your insides flutter (live mik) or the poem edit that makes you ready to take on the mic, take on the world -- nUKKA WHAT? now that's a metaphor (relent).

today. i taught a class and one of my students gave me a hardboiled easter decorate egg. i got all teary-eyed. even moreso when i told them we only have 6 more classes together. they give me hugs every time they see me. i close my eyes a lil' - hold them tight - praying i can superglue their innocence to the inside of their sleeves if we hug a bit longer... hope it works

im waiting for the notices to be sent out. i am nervous about the album - its being mixed down as we speak. i get goosebumps when i think of the new love that will be made to that album. the love and heart and soul and sweat and sweat and worry and love that went into that album. im still holding the title to my breasts. feels like breastfeeding all over again. but i will tell you soon. the artwork will be ready in another week and i well let you taste it all at once. i hope it fills you like it feels me...

i am excited about my upcoming week off. we will have JAM @ Chashama Theatre and my birthday party will serve as the afterparty. i wish you could make it friends from londonaustindenverseattleconneticutoaklandchicago... i miss your faces glowing with jokes and laughter and snide jesters that glare to the unknown "I AM AN ARTIST".

until tomorrow...

bklyn tv hogg'n it


Angel said...

i'm excited about the possibility of learning a bit more about you through this album. can't wait!
~fallen angel

joey said...

i want a kiss... :(