Saturday, April 22, 2006

brokeback mountain...finally

yea, yea, yea -- i watched it.

it was acutally ok. im glad i waited until after it left everyone's baited breath. cause i hate overkill! but surprinsingly it was good. and not just about the man sex. but about not following your heart.

funny. i saw the same love story in bridges of madison county. except she didn't die. she only stayed with her family.

so we sat there. watching him kiss the dude and his wife watch in horror.

now i don't even like to say difference between white and black women are (though we know there is one, we won't go there)... but what i will say is

AWW HELL NAW! she watched them kiss. then watched him walk out the door, gleefully. she sat there and watched them go out for 4 years on -- without saying anything until she was remarried with another child on the way! say what? naw, it wouldn't happen like that - i'm saying. i don't know how to hold in ish like that!

i have a hard time telling someone the truth about their POEMS what the hell i look like sitting there waiting for my husband to come back from his weekend getaway with his lover (didn't matter that it was a man at that point. cause cheating is still cheating).

now the parts that had something of its own, were the homophobic homosexuals... that was a trip. however - it wasn't investigated as much as it could've been. though - the death of him seemed like a hit rather than an accident was a bit alarming.

but like all romantic movies there comes a time where you bond with the characters and figure out in your heart if you want them to REALLY be together.

My Best Friend's Wedding, i so wanted them to be together. i mean cameron diaz was cool - but him and julia had history - ya know?

Dirty Dancing & Ghost - he just can't never keep the lady - can he? cried both movies like a sucka -- i so wanted them together.

Love Jones - wanted them together. duh

Carmen Jones - wanted him to stay with HIS ORIGINAL WOMAN! carmen was a fox - but she was no good for him, remember?

Bridget Jones Diary - the first one, i wanted her with the asshole dude. and when she got with the lawyer - i didn't get it. he had lil emotions, etc... but he was good to her. so i liked that part. however in the sequel - i was happy that she was with the lawyer and when she almost slept with the asshole again - i was fearful (though in the book they were a COUPLE COUPLE)...

Brokeback Mountain - did i want them to be together...? i think so. they were breaking these other hearts without caring about the affect. here is wife is -- sleeping with him afterwards, knowing that he only smiled when he was with this "other" man -- and that can fuk with anyone. so yea, i think i really did want them to be together. though it was in the '60s and obviously the hostile climate towards gay men (the story of the man with this groin pulled from his body was blood curling) was even more bleak than before we were able to cite Rosie O'Donnel, Will & Grace and Ellen's lifestyle as history markers.

i believe in love. no matter what body or soul. what i continue to despise are the untrues attached to the selfishness. the act of deceit. never the love. one can't stop who their heart wants - now can they?

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Amanda Johnston said...

I watched it, too. I thought it was a really good film. The acting was amazing.