Monday, April 24, 2006

day 1

im doing the 30 days fitness thingie

so far. i got up @ 730am

got amari ready for school

headed to the gym - got there 40 minutes late

walked the treadmill

rode the bike

then did an hour of jumping grasshopper
or laughing lotus - -something like that

yoga... yea. it hurt

it hurt parts of my ass i didnt know i had

never have i relaxed my cheeks in public

my body still hurts

then i had to go shopping to make myself feel better...


decided to wait on the swimsuits til i was done -- i mean jamaica is coming, no?

then i went to teach class and it was horrific!

home now.

nap needed so badly. i got big things planned for this week and i dont know where to start


in pain in bklyn


Shelle said...

laughing my ass off, you said parts of my ass hurt i didn't even know i had...never relaxed my cheeks in public....too funny mo, too funny
yoga is no joke
good luck on the fitness quest

CousinSarah said...

hahaha...those are the days when you are like if I could move a little faster...I would take you out right now.


Anonymous said...

hey mo, what gym do you go to? i need a good gym, hopefully in bk that isn't too crazy with the monthly fees (and hopefully that has trainers available)