Thursday, April 27, 2006

library minutes left: 16

another class to teach. but i am an hour early so i thought i would take advantage of the computers here...

so let's start from sunday, no?

was cool. i had brunch with esther before heading back to meet with nathan p in bklyn
the brunch @ dayo's in the village was gorgeous. amari had too many collard greens - if you feel what im saying :-P
but it was a nice rainy morning. we left to the air kissing our cheeks and bklyn greeted us with little to no traffic.
i returned from my meeting and laid under him a lil. i forgot what i watched - i concentrated more on being still.

during that brunch with esther - i promised to finish out my gym membership with her. so we decided on 4 days a week to get that fabulous body of mine back in shape. bad idea already. i was late getting there. and after ursula that yoga teacher hurt us for an hour, i ran into a colleague and the trainer for BAD BOY artists who then talked me into more commitement. which aint that bad considering i paid for 7 sessions with a trainer so i might as well take advantage. besides - i trust the brother.
class went well with the kids and we were able to end with enough time for me to head back to my side of bklyn and snatch amari up from school on time.

i have an early morning class so my life is a bit easier. the kids always make me feel loved. i am sure. if i ever wanted to be a teacher -- i would have a 3rd grade class. they like to be smart they like feel love and they are always appreciative. youth teen slam has their opening ceremony after my open mic - so im able to greet all my favorite youth writers with open arms and wider smiles before heading to my new girl's outreach workshop... i didnt want to go though - i mean, where else will u get to hear roger's trent lott joint and bob holman's lower east side piece on the same stage? dinner is clinton - still the best dominican food on the L.E.S.!

met esther at the gym. let a brazillian beauty work my big ass until i couldnt walk without feelin like i was going to fall out. she did teach us how to walk on the beach when we are fit. still hate working out -- don't get it twisted. now im back to my grind. took my class to view the teen slam's first round of bouts. dont know if they were inspired -- but i was. moment that stayed with me for the rest of the day: (urbanword's group poem) "we lick the air when we're hungry".
ugh -- beautiful!
the slam that night at the nuyo was great! long. but great talent nonetheless. Rachel McKibbens, Mike McGee, Travis and Melvin from the Hawaii team and Austin's whole teen and half of the adult squad was in effect! i got to hang out with Jo and Elsie over some Sylvia's before we all headed back downtown... felt the love again. hurried home -- but not before dropping off some clover oil for relentless and snatching my seed for bedtime.

i cancelled my gym time. my hair needed some assistance. it feels better. good to know the ish she put on it aint permanent. the afro will be full throttle soon come :) - i will have to stop taking my locks for granted. they are thick and coarse and full of beauty.

i see it now.

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Shelle said...

still got me laughing about the gym episodes...been there, been awhile, but need to put thru the pain again soon lol.
i'm learning to love my own as well, been perm free for 2years now and loving it...didn't realize how beautiful they could be if i allowed it to come thru...
miss you, guess we got to wait til august for that bowl game