Sunday, April 16, 2006

I Don't Know What To Say

so i won't say anything...

but i will tell you that i'm headed to NYC biggest egg hunt, oh i'm sorry -- the world's biggest egg hunt that happens to be in NYC...

Amari is psyched. And i'm still tired from last night's sheningans.

but we aren't talkin about that -- remember?

and this writing thru the frustration and helpin' either. urgh


im still sleepy.

motherhood calls - we'll talk soon


my coffee is always said...

Happy belated birthday babee.... been moving all day, back is killing me..... Jo and Brian said hey and happy birthday too. we are at the salm bowl... wish you would've told me that rachel mc was going to be here... will call later.. ps. you are going to love the new digs...

CousinSarah said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mo!

Being a mom--hardest most wonderful thing ever. If you do any part of it right you are tested. Patience, decisions, and somehow always on the days that Murphy's Law went into overtime. :) Stay strong mama. I will be praying for a nice quick nap retreat for you, the kind that has you bundled up in your covers, tucked under your neck or however you love to sleep when you have quiet and the whole bed to yourself, enough to take you to deep comfort and peace--even if just for an hour or so.

blessings mama.