Thursday, July 20, 2006

focal point

right now
im behind...

im losing this race
and im lettin' cats get to me





good things have happened in the midst of all the madness.

i will be producing a tour for a reputable movment - more on that in 2 and 2

i will be co-producing our brainchild's year anniversary! niiice

and i will be publishing 3 books before August: MY OWN, BIG MIKE & the anthology HIS RIB

i am stressing, cause i am trying to have my body catch up with my brain.

but, they keep tripping my wires

like rats do -- in occupied buildings.

1 comment:

my coffee is always said...

i'm losing this race
and i'm lettin' cats get to me...

good line....

i have been working at avoiding, doing you
taking suggestions and (com)promising
being me...
it ain't workin....
i've forgotten how to breathe
i have no corners in which to
hunch, squat..
steal shallowed
and hide..
they follow...
for weaknesses....

august 13th........ we gonna get drunk.