Tuesday, January 02, 2007


today, i sent flowers for the funeral.

he passed a day before his birthday. and my friend is still holding it together.

he amazes me.

still in denver. and we spent new year's like party hoppers. we shared the midnight countdown at a live jazz joint, then went and cut a rug with doodlebug (of the digable planets) spinning all the hip hop that should've been him... it was fun.

it was hopeful.

it left me doe-eyed and renewed.

until we passed the shootout of a 12 person limo, only blocks away from our host's loft. and that put life into perspective. a denver bronco starting cornerback was killed in the machine gun spree.

it left us feeling, like, i dunno. like i knew this was coming. and maybe, just maybe new year's eve and day is nothing but another day. and i'd hate to believe that. i mean. i almost cant allow myself to believe that. what would i give amari if that's all i had left?

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my coffee is always said...

sending my love and positive energy your way. and yes, i'm feelign the resolutions for the year.... I am currently in negotiations with myself regarding mine.. love you much.
live miK