Monday, January 08, 2007

L Word

i prolly shouldnt have started to do the happy dance when it came on. but whatever. dont judge me.

and is it me - or is shane ackin' like a total ass!? who leaves carmen? i mean, im not gay - but dammit, even I wouldnt leave CARMEN! hmph

kit having a baby...? i thought that was gonna happen, but now that it is - i dont know if it like it. or maybe im just jealous? she has the boyfriend that actually STAYS! how dope is that?

and why can't jenny keep a girlfriend? now that she gave up on max for the french wierd teeth lady, she lost her too, to the woman that turned her out (speaking of which marina look'd incredible in the fly ass hat, no?)!!

ok. im done ranting. i'll have to watch it again. right after harry potter goes off :)

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my coffee is always said...

Ugh.. I wish Jenny would leave the show.. I'm sick of her sick ass!
Shane was stoooooooopid! enough on that.
and Marina.. am so happy she's back.