Thursday, January 25, 2007

for - series of really important stuff

this is for the mothers

that raise daughters and sons that will one day forget

they even bothered to go hungry so their seed

could grow

this is for the father's that knew they had children

but didnt know how to leave like all the men before them

this for mayonnaise sandwiches

and more importantly

the sugar sandwiches i didnt have to eat, cause my mother

stood over kitchen stoves cooking chicken enchiladas

and collard greens

when the only thing i ever had to fear -- was the cap'n crunch being extinguished

this is for a mother

so tired of being beaten, she ran with her babies tucked under arms

and then back after he kidnapped her youngest

this is for the poem i almost wrote him

before i wrote him off

thank god for foresight and common sense

this is for the nonsense

that runs out of our school hallways

and calls themselves home training

or even worse, keeping it real

this is for the i love you

something she may never hear, as black women

are the lowest statistics to get married

this for the the i love you

something she may never hear, as women find objectification

every moment of every day

this is for the man that has enough balls to say he loves his mother too much

to disrespect the love of his live

and the women that don't take advantage of him

this is for the moments -- when we remember we're all human

and refuse to laugh at the word nigger or dike or spic

this is the reverse racist anthem

the put ya guns in the air and sing oh say can you see

this is the warm blood of an iraqi soldier

burning an 18 year's old memory for the rest of his life

this is the warm blood of an american soldier

who only wanted to go to school for free and now he's lost his life

this is why we fight for life

kick for breath

sing for air

this is a song never ending

this is a song of despair

this is not even a poem

its a muthaphuck'n prayer

this is your chance to find us laughing and at peace

it is the moment in which we've prepared

this is the house shouting rejoice:



holla back - hallelujah

and amen...


Shelle said...

outstanding mo...say it say it! the line about just wanted to go to college is a close to a recent piece i'm working on too. it sickens me everytime i see one of those damn commercials.

Copasetic Soul said...

you know how much i like this because i replied to this at the other 'spot'.....its a great piece.

Unknown said...

((((YOU)))) .... have done it again.... this is beautiful and uplifting and one that makes me smile and stand with my chin higher while at the same time hanging my head head for the lost souls....

she liked her poem... and that made me smile too,

my coffee is always said...

You've done it again.. and yes.. I LOVED IT!!!!