Friday, January 26, 2007 many of us have them

i've had girlfriends to hang out with since wednesday, when Tam came in town.

i didnt realize how much i missed the comaradiere of sisterhood, until then. christa

brought the sentiment that gave me warm fuzzy's of a high school episode - but this,

this is just a reminder that kind of pangs in between my rib cage and shoulder blade.

i may be getting old.

or just knowing the importance of those friendships even more. my girl t left for ATX and gave me a huge void that would always peek out when 512 area code danced on my caller id.

sister-ships are so important.

i never knew how much so, until now...


my coffee is always said...

yes.. it is so important..

Unknown said...

girrrl... you know i miss you too. every time i drive a mile in my car calculations got through my head having to do with how far we are from one another.... it sucks but lifetime will work itself out and soon we will be drinkng lattes at breadstuy...laughing and smiling and talking about how much our daughter's have grown.... and i can't for it.

joey said...

so...i've been thinking of you alot lately...wondering how you are, how 'dorothy' is how he is and the mini-van...all that jazz...

hope you're well ma, love you