Monday, January 08, 2007

seldomly single

if you ever been in love

and then out of love

you will certainly remember the feel of his hand

her laugh that only clipped at your cold edges

the beautiful silence together

these are the encounters we live for

even if we despise love

these are the feelings that make our heart

skip and patter and putter and stall and hurt and feel revived

it makes your stomach drop

your mouth dry

your eyes water

your life seem small in comparison to the void they will leave

when they leave

if they leave

but we are always prepared for the departure

never knowing how to remain in the present

and focus on the now

i have been taught to love in small bites

never with a full mouth and hands and greedy stomach

so i am a generation of love stricken indigestion

always wondering if it is really real, or if its just a nother lesson before i meet my soulmate

and i wonder if we have more than one soul mates

or are we destined to mate with whomever can touch our soul hard enough

i want to believe in fairytales

and happy endings

full of tight production, hair assistant, make up complete and a girdle

'cause no one loves you when you are miserable, fat and lumpy with cold in ya eye...


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