Thursday, January 18, 2007

writing rainbows

everyone and everything right know makes me want to write a poem

so thank you bloggers. you give me hope...

and i wish i could write about it in poem form. but im afraid there arent enough stanzas to hold the sentiment. there arent enough metaphors and line breaks and rhyme scheme to fully paint a picture...and i need you to understand me.

this is why i was brought here. days like this, when the snow is reminding the cracked bone of my ankle and startling my heart a flutter. and when my child smiles because she thinks i am courageous because i ignore the fear long enough to go buy dinner, pick her up from school and threaten a kid for running in the street while im driving... all of these things make sense

more so when i read your blogs. friends. releasing more beauty than you will ever know. those are the moments that i am proud to call myself a writer.


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my coffee is always said...

still a pebble to your rock ma... miss you fierce..