Thursday, May 26, 2005

because... (wip)

the world has spun on its axis
your destination doesn't mean much
unless the galaxy is your oyster
still you to real to see the beams
bursting life from the seams like

sit in the sun, if you can stand the heat
burn bright your sparkle must have taken hours
black star
don't stray
music don't play off key for our kind
i see you trying -- steadfast
hold tight, pray
upon each fallen soldier
from the skies
pitch blue black

we've no time for the petty
your strength is needed
your time is now
your beginning has begun
you have no start overs
you are being timed
you are being timed
you are being watched
watch out!

because these tears
taste like wine
drunken lust fills our bodies
its up to you to make life more
than that of which you can hold


Anonymous said...

inspirational vibes.. i'm feelin' that. []

Mahogany L. Browne said...

hey tionne! long time no hear! hows dat writing coming along?