Thursday, May 26, 2005

untitled 3090

her belly be big
thinkin' bout how the wind goin' make her lose
her appetite
her footing
her smile

it belongs to no one
baby has taken priority
and she only hope she gets time to shine
a lil' mo
like her 15 years on this earth
is enough
to hold tight those dreams that she too 'fraid to dream of
can't think of that life
got's des' babies to raise

up like trees
big branches with likened bodies
strong minds to match
but how
how, come we ain't got no time
no more
"cause life be like dat, fa real"

'bout girls that can't dance
we laugh
cause we know she won't have much time to do that
no more
she won't want to see
this mouth wanting for her future
years from now
my gap-toothed grin won't be but a memory

as she tosses soiled diaper into trash
burps baby over shoulder
his brown eyes winking at a past
that his mommy only visits during dreams


joey said...

wow....i hear you spittin' it mo'...beautiful momma :-)

Shelle said...

I feel ya Jo...I can see her spitting it too...leg up in a chair and everything...hope its healed Mo, cause you got to show us around town when we come through.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

hey lovelies! im still sitting in the chair on stage -- just works for what im saying, these days. also -- when ya'll get her you know imma take care of ya!