Monday, May 23, 2005

lookin' for buried TREASURE!!!

so i found:
Ntozake Shange's "nappy edges"
Amiri Baraka's "black music"
tish benson's "wild like dat:good stuff smelling strong"
miles marshall lewis' "scars of the soul are why kids where bandages when we don't have bruises"

feelin' like south park's tom/philip combo... quite excited. indeed! just finished puttin' amari to bed. we practiced her lines for her school play "i'm short - can anyone see me?" das her lines. but if anyone knows my baby - you know she is the tallest 7 year old in the world! i swear, she's as tall as a 10 year old! lol so this is definitely a stretch for her baby acting chops! lmao just finished talkin' to my sister from the boro of london (lol). our project is coming together so lovely - i'm scared. it's gonna be a doozy. i promise you... look out - OCTOBER is the launch. tell ya the rest as soon as our publisher is locked down... nahmeeen?! big thangs DUNNY - trust me.

working on a new piece called Love letter to Dam. tell me whatcha think!

If this is what I think it is
How are we to fall even deeper into
Each other with/out
Losing something important

Reaching inside ourselves
maintaining the core of
Our family name
Struggle has tainted our teeth
Eggshell white beige brown
Buried beneath tongue
And breath
I’ve loved you
Since we met
At first kiss – I knew


poetesscrystal said...

YES YES YES! This is how it's supposed to be...this is how I felt when I first got much in love, but I didnt want to lose who I was...

Brilliant MO!


Hey are you in the area anytime soon? Would you be willing to drop something on my new cd? And a comment like "she's the most beautiful, talented person I have ever met" hahahhaa

Lemme know

My new song is on my site:

Check it...let me know what you think!

Mahogany L. Browne said...

hey lady! im down to rock on ya album... im in nyc for the next 2-3 weeks. just hit me on my cell. you gotta the number, eh?

my coffee is always said...

Mo... this is beautiful, reminds me of that sacred place, the essence of love.... that place where we struggle to maintain our seperate identities, yet forging to become a solid foundation for one another and a union to face the world....
love it....