Saturday, May 28, 2005

brooklyn sun'n

we went to the african street festival today. it's a big HUGE brooklyn vendor event that takes places near downtown brooklyn. they had a hot band there called the super lowry brothers. they were rippin' the horns and saxophone with such tenacity, i bought a cd and booked em for a show jive and i are doing. nice!

cop'd the househould a plethora of soul food. potato salad and fried fish for him, fried fish and collard greens for me, chicken wings and yams for amari. and a big glass of RED to go along with it! i truly thought it was pink lemonade, not RED kool-aid, cause that 3 dolla's would've went to something else. TRUST ME!

saw the sista who hooked me up with very fly afro shirts a couple of years ago. her and her husband, medina black have kept the movement going - beautiful skirts and shirts! wanted to support after they hooked me up so lovely, but i think i ran out of money by then. no matter. the festival goes on throughout the weekend.

i love this time of year. summer. hot and heavy and full of life. beating:thriving people, moving. reggae music blasting from the bootlegger's table, food vendors EVERYWHERE, sisters sit regal with dreads, braids and bald heads. smiling at each other past the sun glare. brothers respectfully acknowledging her greatness. tall, fit, walking his bike, his dog, his family -- with pride.

brooklyn african street festival: this is where i purchased my first sarong. this is where i received my first henna tattoo. this is where i ravaged the $7 dollar book table. this is where i watched capoeira and african dancers outstep me - overwhelm me - inspire me. this is where brooklyn begins the birthing of a beautiful spirit.

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