Saturday, August 27, 2005


touched down in little rock around 10pm. 2 and a half hours (you know a sista loves to speed on a highway) and i finally turn into my hotel.

woke up, braided my hair then decided to take a walk thru fayetteville, arkansas.

went to the farmers market, book shopping and to pick up coffee and a bagel

made it back to the hotel in time to see mike mcgee smoking a cig in the front

we converse about poetry rockstars and the fallbacks of touring

5 things i've learned in the last 13 hours:

it's ok to buy books when touring. where else can you find the autobiography of leroi jones (amiri barake), pearl cleage and james weldon johnson for less than 30 bucks??

it is needed. conversations between poets and thinkers. writers and activists. to know you are not alone. MCGEE RULES

nextel still works whenever the hell it wants too. how's that for a new freekn phone?

buying clothes from the "URBAN" store may not be a good idea. though the shirt is very flyy (cause it is) remember that you can get the same shirt in LA (where the owner shops for her store) at a discounted price.

its ok to call home. especially when someone is waiting for you.


Amanda Johnston said...

You still touring? Damn! You is the hardestest working woman in poetry. I worked on the prompt you gave me. It's still very rough but when I file it down a bit I'll post.

Take it easy - what what - take it easy!


Mahogany L. Browne said...

go head my lil hip hop austinian! lol