Sunday, August 21, 2005

texas poker, feline furniture, coin collections & babymaking

texas poker & feline furniture -- a memo to the anonymous blog posters/posers

dear YOU:
i dig that you are hustling, word. but if i were that interested in your website and/or products - i would google your ass. please do not post on my blog as if you have insight to what the hell i am going thru! it's not cool. really. i have cats. two of those feline rat-killers. i love them for taking care of the mice - but on most occasions - but im not buying NO furniture dammit. i live in brooklyn. where the smallest apartment available is synonymous with COZY. and the most i know about poker - is watching annie duke whoop a man outta 2 million dollars on ESPN. and ya know what MR/MS ANONYMOUS --that's all i wanna know. i don't collect coins cause NYC is the land of extortionists - so i have to save those quarters for parking meters and public telephones that don't work! please, don't make me ask you again - don't post ads on my baby(baby being blog). as i take care of her - constantly, and i'd hate to have to repay the favor. i mean, two wrongs don't make a right...right?

your truly.

mahogany l. browne

now...back to my shyt!


so my best friend since high school - stephanie a., aka steph dawg - is having her first CHILD!
yeaaaaa! she is 4 months pregnant and i couldnt be more happier for her. she worked at the governer's office for the capital of california, she quit to go back to law school -- she is dope. so the fact that she is having a lil' one ----- it just rocks!


Anonymous said...

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One Crazy Blog Addict...!

Mahogany L. Browne said...