Friday, August 26, 2005

pop my collar like the fonz

woke up late!

dammit -- didn't get a chance to move the car (but someone had mercy
cause i didnt get a ticket!! yay)

no time for color copies or phys therapy appointment.

just time to kiss my man while he sleeps and remind a friend...

liveMIK -- you gotta shake them haters, ma.

they wait for your strut to stagger so they can bite your essence
and wear it like a mink.

trust me. i've lived thru it.

they want to be you sooo bad - they start talking like you, writing like you, hell - probably dressing like you. that's if you let 'em.

remember they can imitate excellence - but can they re-create genuis?


my coffee is always said...

You are my sister, my mentor, my friend. You continue to be an inspiration. Thanks for reminding me of my true purpose, reminding me that it is okay to be me, despite myself and others. I am a pebble to your rock..... Miss you like AC in the HOTAZZTEXAS Summer... Sweatin' ya and can't wait to chill wit' ya.

joey said...

ladies, ladies, ladies...the mutal love and respect is refreshing!

wishing to be a grain of sand to your pebble to your rock...jvz

Mahogany L. Browne said...

hey gurl! long time no hear! how r thangs?