Thursday, August 04, 2005

ding dong!


last nite -- was fukn amazing! if you need a lil' ghetto fabulous to remind you that you rock stages -- go to Taste Lounge. they brought me in moved two young unsuspecting men from a table and seated me and jive's sis. i brought her with me cause i thought the new college grad would want to party. she is an incredible writer (it runs in the family) and she did her thizzle on the mic. also my girl jocelyn from bad boy was in the house -- she surprised me. it's been a minute since we got to hang so it was great to see her. once i got on stage, i found myself threatening the loud patrons at one point (i.e., i'm real sensitive. if you make me feel bad about my performance i will have to throw a chair at you! lol or telling all the ladies that we will have a cagney and lacey support group afterwards. meet in the parking lot with black turtlenecks and bricks for child support enforcement!) its fun -- hype as hell, the dj is on point. that's all i have to say about that!

went to the doctor today. looks like i have an extra operation to intervene with this toe curling... which sucks ass! no matter. i still rocks the brand new pumas and stroll like i got a purpose. CAUSE I DO!

went to the shop for our show after the doctor's appointment. i wanted to go home, but J gave me a list and i had to pull my part of the load. so while im gathering the accrutrements (sp) i run into a sista that looks at my shirt and says I love that! (its says i love black people). we get to talkin and she's like -- are you from buffalo? or atlanta? and im looking at her like -- i know her. then it clicks! we met in atlanta at the apache over a year ago. she bought the cd and went to college with jive! so im like -- hey, what are you doing here? turns out -- she's getting her grad study on at NYU. invited her to the show, cause we got crazy emotional, just catching up (in the middle of the peanut butter, jelly and cereal aisle!). but i invited her to the show. gave her my last comp, as she just moved to brooklyn two days ago! how bout that?! she said brooklyn was calling her. and this morning she felt like she was finally home. i said, that's the pull it has on people. especially creative ass hustla's! we thrive on the planet of brooklyn!

as far as the boot camp... thanks for the IM beatrice. good to know ya'll watching out for me! but i'm almost finished...damn near. but my brooklyn apartment is too small and too full of books and heat! it's just too hot to think. so i am going to the movies! i will wait in the starbucks nearby until showtime (with the lovely air conditioner) and finish what i have left.

ps -- thanks for the call KIM, we will catch up at nationals! new mexico, look out. it's on and poppin! lol :o

pps -- ding dong the witch is dead.

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my coffee is always said...

It's always good to catch up with old friends. Nats is quickly falling off my event calander as lodging may be a problem....
Hip Hop and I miss you and can't wait to show off the speakers, and newly reinforced windows.