Tuesday, August 23, 2005


charmed the tv show is the best!

i have no idea what i am working on these days -- lets just say STUFF... sigh...

i have coffee meetins all day... also reading andrea gibson's material. she sent me a package of her poetry -- her writing is so heavy. i love her ish!

talked to one of my absolute favorite londoners! agnes - my co-author in the upcoming book of poetry, is awaiting my arrival in October. we will have a ball. i can't wait to see her. she is also feeling the heel of the world's sneaker - so i will be the friend that she deserves. knock it off track and help her dust off. i love her

amari comes home on friday! well - i have a slam in arkansas, then i take a plane to chicago to pick her up. where we will hang out at the theme park with my neice and nephew before i have a show in milwaukee. then we will come home! yeaaaa

gotta run some errands. see ya soon

poetry bites...hard & sometimes - it leaves a mark

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