Thursday, August 04, 2005

things to do list

get hair braided

get a pedicure

email webmaster

check email

mail bills

go to Nextel Repair (again)

finish compiling the poems for ...something beautiful recording

turn off the TV

buy some pillows for the Aug 6th show. we have officially OVER SOLD the theatre. (i.e., some people goin' sit on the floor with them damn pillows!)

get ready for my meeting with the lawyer

email my editors for extension :( i soo suck.

say sorry. if i have ever hurt you, i apologize.

1 comment:

my coffee is always said...

Please put Nextel at the top of your list... HAHAHA... Congrats on the show. Please put it on DVD or something, 'cuz that is going to be HOT......