Wednesday, August 17, 2005

untitled 1091

its between the light and dark
side of things
hidden in shadows
and prisms of laughter
only cut wrists and the like

swoon me with your smile
if you want to know how pain taste
feel it through
each silent plea
warn my love of your intention

i know thy honor is of fairy tale dimensions

but we are of another time
where moments passed are simply
gas erupted into space
never repeating the posture of lightening
only threatening to return when we least expect it

worry me a reason
grab my attention with the idea
wish me a promise that this stands ...still
though i know you've readied for our demise
as i washed in the milk of redemption
soaked away the grit of a lost love

and pray

no one has ever rest in my bones
like you

so scrape away my marrow
find room in my warm spaces
feel the blood that runs
thru this heart
that beats like you -- steady and ever questioning

but don't leave before
the sun breaths a ray
shallows the darkened path
with light
and loud
colors colliding


Anonymous said...

great poem. mystical, shining, graceful. holy. -- simply put. i've no time for long-winded analyses at the moment, i'm off to brooklyn. catch you later love, have yourself a lovely day :)

Mahogany L. Browne said...

wow.... holy? dat's whassup! have fun in bklyn.

Anonymous said...

all poems are holy, but yours is especially! save some tickets for me! :) pleeeaaasseeeeee gracias

jt said...

A lovely poem which incorporates a way of speaking too, and some good similes. The opening stanza is gripping, the end one is solid. 'Unrehearsed babies,' just fine. I'd comment more but I have to rush. Nice read.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

thx for stopping by! i will check you out soon...