Wednesday, August 24, 2005


cant go back to sleep

gotta clean up now, i guess

i've kept the kitchen clean (which is HUGE for me)

but my room still has luggage from the 3 week stint, before the week away in new mexico -- booo..

gotta do the laundry. not now - but right now.

need to reserve a rental car -- IMMEDIATELY

i am stuck watching the child star biographies on AE and searching for blogs that don't exist

waiting for the world to stop moving - ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

but i will mail out those tickets (10 orders just this morning!!)

no you can't be mad at that!


Anonymous said...

You sound like me.. I had when I know I have to do it. I just to lazy to do it.
Plus A&E is addictive...


Anonymous said...

You are too funny and I thought I was the only one like that!! Cool.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

is it really cool that im like that -- i think it's the border of crazy and confused! lol

Anonymous said...

Yehhhhh, it's cool!!!