Friday, March 03, 2006

C is for


there is a time when you have to face them.
in yourself, in your friends - it's the hardest part of being an
entertainer. how do you fight the power enough to stay yourself
and still have an image that reaches the masses.

how do you speak about the truth and be the truth - even when most of us are still just a work in progress.

i'm at a lost of words. i have to figure out how this makes sense in my life. how it makes sense in my world of art. i have such a huge grudge (still working thru that resolution) when it comes to artists being one person on stage and another off stage, specifically poets.

i am now finding out - this can be likened to storytelling for most of the big timers. that poem they wrote about their son - just a story; that poem they wrote about their wife dying or cheating or leaving them - just a story; that poem about the kids that changed their life after one life or death conversation - just a story; that poem about uplifting women - a story; or that poem about being a certain type of person with morals n shyt - just a story.

and the artform seems tainted. though they've done NOTHING wrong. they were true to the art. the metaphors had clarity, the similes in place, the structure immaculate - so why am i confused?

we are truth seekers, or so i thought.


poetesscrystal said...

it is tainted

it is why I ran from it for a few years..did a few open mics, just to stay afloat, but nothing real big

I started to see these circus-like, large than life characters appear out of mid air..they were getting the "paying gigs"., they put thier whole lives on blast to make a quick $500.00 only for us to realize it was all lies..and it was very sad

you gotta stay true to yourself, for amari, for j, be who you are- this is why you will always struggle with the fakers, the people who are only here until, as i say, the fad fades...

you will always have your integrity, never ever change, never ever!

Shelle said...

i agree and saddened by it all. i'm still so new to this game, learning so much all the time. i'm still in shock when i realize the truth(or lies) of some pieces, as u said. my stuff is so damn personal, and i don't know how to write any other way...i pray i never will.
i think u r who u r mo, and where u r, because u stay true to the art. u r one of the few people (poets) i know who make a damn difference in this world...don't stop

CousinSarah said...

I have to agree with Shelle. It is a disaapointing part for me. I think I was very idealistic that all poets would have like minded consciousness and it was hard the first few times I realized that was not true...that no sweeping belief in any group is ever valid. No matter how much you want it to be. I believe that for some writers, you feel them. You feel how true it is when they speak. Performance and feel are not always the same thing. I am not typing anything you dont already know, just kind of thinking out loud I guess.

It does seem to taint it a little, I agree with what you are saying. It feels less honest, like they are less vunerable. Anyway, you are an inspiring writer. And I appreciate you for that.