Thursday, March 02, 2006


but in a good way

9am - meet up with Tina to snatch up pix from the Jam On It, last week.
930 - swing coffee and car towards bedstuy to drop her off and head to post office
10am - wait in line @ the worst post office on the planet
1020 - still waiting
1023 - still waiting as they search for my new meshell ndgecello package
1035 - head to bank cash check
11am - pick up laundry
1110 - wait for the truck to return to the station with my laundry
1113 - tired of waiting. reschedule pick up
1115 - head to williamsburg bridge to drop off keys to theatre
12pm - wait for contract for new MARCH 11th SHOW
1215 - head back to the Lower East Side for UW workshop
1217 - stop @ starbucks for second cup of the day. and a bathroom break
1245 - walk with leftover coffee to class.
1pm - trick students into writing an epistle
2pm - head to Bensonhurst for 2 - 1hour workshops...
227 - get lost on Brooklyn Queens Expressway
235 - make it to the school, after calling into headquarters
255 - watch kids swarm around the lunchroom. its scary. elementary school looked so different.
4pm - class isn't over. but the memory game definitely took up 20 well-needed minutes
445 - take kids downstairs. i hate to have their parents waiting.
5pm - beg the guy to snatch up amari. bless his heart
530 - BQE traffic. fukfartheadcraP
550 - williamsburg bklyn. head to KFC for dinner, per his request
620 - bring up food. grub on spicy wings, biscuits and mashed potatoes
7pm - pack up amari and head to southpaw
715 - pick up Tina for club shots and laughter
730 - drop amari off at god sister's
8pm - too early for soundcheck.
801 - head to ozzie's for coffee and convo
850 - too much bonding is bad for someone else's health. i will stab someone for ya T!
9pm - doors open
905 - name is not at door, gasp. loslito to the rescue
910 - meet bands, get bio information, find a stool @ the bar.
915 - drink oj and cranberry courtesy of TeeTee
930 - show starts
120oam - i perform with the ill band REBIRTH
1207 - homeward bound

tomorrow -- to be continued


my coffee is always said...

1023 - still waiting as they search for my new meshell ndgecello package

what's in the package? A new cd? A t-shirt? you know she's one of my all time favs!!! send tt and relentle my love... i am not feeling this sharing the mo thang.. they have to know this, man....


Mahogany L. Browne said...

dance of the infidel album... somehow it snuck past me :( but now i got it! :)
and tt and relent are crazy. my own piece of austin HEAVEN is what they are to me :) == that is til i return and you can take me to the restaurant where people throw peanuts at each other and get in a fight n stuff :)lmao

my coffee is always said...

glad you guys have each other... but it doesn't hurt to be a little jealous... it's healthy as long as you ca admit it, move thru it, and recognize it. Especially since I know they will have hot azz seats at the upcoming show with Ms. Ohmchristabell.. BUT I WILL NOT BE A HATER!!! hahaha

Unknown said...

Awwwww. Shucks!!!! :) You know girl!!

Luv' Tee