Friday, March 17, 2006

To Slam Or Not To Slam

To Slam Or Not To Slam

this has been a long time coming. so i just wanna get it out there before i hurt someone's feelings.

SLAM is not the beginning or the end of the world! it just isn't. your poem may be good - but that doesn't mean its great! and your poem may be shyt -- but your performance just outshined the shady ish that is your POEM.

it blows my mind when people lose their mind in a slam all because they didn't get the score they THINK they deserved. if we determined our worth by slam scores -- alot of poets, real poets, would be ashes right now.
so where is this coming from MO, i hear you asking. last wednesday i was hosting the nuyo and this young man was so upset with his score that he started packing his ish loudly to show distaste for the judges. unfortunately, he chose to do this in the middle of another poet's performance.

i mean really homeboy. is it that serious? not only did he make a scene -- but he thought speaking to everyone on his way OUT was a class act exit. it wasn't. and it burns me to the core when poets lose they hometraining over some slam shyt.

SLAM is supposed to be used as a platform to spit to an audience that may never be situated in that setting again. open mics usually have a specific demographic -- so where else will you find your voice for the universal audience? take advantage and take the scores with a grain of salt. because bad sportsmanship is just a scar on the face of any poets work.

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