Wednesday, March 22, 2006

my biggest fears


not doing enough. not accomplishing enough. having all the tools to make it happen - but running out of steam in the process.

i think thats why i run myself into the ground. why i wake early and stay late. why my personal life will always suffer -- too much work to do, too little time!

i think i should look into getting hypnotized. something extreme and alternative. something that will make it all make sense. it seems like i got this thing down packed, right? life is crazy demanding and hard and easy and wierd and im just trying to leave a legacy. leave something for amari that wasnt left for me. not even a silver spoon - but some fight. some drive. maybe just a spoon that wont break or tarnish. that will be waiting to show her and my grandkids the way.

i 'unno


joey said...

babygirl...please tell me you know that the legacy has already begun?!?! did THE mo' browne write this? so in other words, you're afraid of nothing...because this fear has already been conquered. ask amari.
she'll tell you.

now shut up and send me your template so i can fix this damn thang.

Unknown said...

Damn Mo'. The thing that makes you so wonderful is that you remain humble in the way you carry yourself through this thing we call life. It amazes me every time we talk or hang out. You truely are one of the great ones and even though you are definately confident, you are not conceded. You're real. I love that about you.