Saturday, March 18, 2006

saturday n other misdeeds

been missing my blog lately. so much to do
so little time

working has its perks -- but then, it doesnt...

had two classes and a field trip.

had a photoshoot. missed it.

saturdays are meant to sleep in - im sure of this.

last night's features were cool. didnt have time to have fun.

featured in bklyn @ 845pm. then again @ 10pm in the city.

1st nuyorican feature. that's huge! didn't even realize i went over by 15 minutes

my apologies to DIVAS shebanchrista! :(

couldnt even eat dinner. too tired. slept until americasnexttopmodel

ive been missing them courtesy of hosting duties on wednesday

but -- i was able to work 90% new material. makes me happy

to see the reaction from the people... all love - - all good. sold outta books

gotta get new joints. like NOW

maybe tomorrow... back to the grindstone on monday.

1doctor's appointment (foot still in fuk up my walk mode)
1 class on monday, tues, 2 classes on wednesday & hosting, 1 on thursday, friday off...

breathe until then


bklyn mo

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