Wednesday, March 08, 2006


its a new dawn

a new day
a new life for me,
it's a new dawn
a new day
a new life for me
and i'm feeling good

- nina simone

im feeling not so good. tried to OD on nyquil last night and it just kept me waking up - which is wierd. and the itchy throat thing is still there. but i did something new to the blog. just a test, i guess. took amari to chess lessons yesterday but couldnt figure out anything to keep my head from exploding so i was happy to return home. he made me tea. and not in that order. but i am optimistic.

pray the show goes well this weekend. after that, i think i will pass out something lovely on sunday.

damn, i forgot -- we have tickets for the ballet. but my bed calling me makes it hard 2 focus on anything other than getting over this sic ish.

two classes, a doctor's appointment and supply shopping list, huff. pray fa me

think big
breathe pac

bklyn sickie

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