Monday, March 20, 2006

Splinters of God - new poem


we wrestle mountains
crash rocks into skulls
forget human frailty
lose track of sighs
in between misunderstandings

i don't think you know me
sighs again
"you can't possibly believe that"
thinks my heart
all red and pain and beautifully broken

since when the sun start rising on yo side
bedsheet bitch got this world cracked
tricky plum fingers itch the best parts
my skin crawls from the idea of you
touching h i m

aged stinky cheese smells real
pungent aromas cutting flighty
scents of air
leave a mark - I WAS HERE
grows more mysterious, this stench
minute to hour to years passed

age should be the reason one learns
fire cuts
knives burns
and broken hearts find mending
in old warehouse dancefloors
grinding failures to roots reggae
thighs tighten and tremble
bass beats against the neck
before climbing into her empty spaces

follow his lead
follow his lead
and c h a n t
with a tongue foreign
outside of her dreams

boys kicking hearts like stones
never see the beauty of a polished shell
worn out sole spurting at anything round

she be a vessel to the best parts of God
sheltered from the dirty hands
strokeing her shine for reflection

coal don't turn into diamonds so easy
and everyone ain't ready for saving
shell-shocked she dance to the worst part
of the song
this practice keeps her honest
humming flawlessly all the while

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