Monday, March 13, 2006

What Matters...

What matters the most

is not the fact that Hoopz won (and i so called that one for the stacey dash look a like)

or the fact that THE L WORD has killed off DANA (which i sooo did not expect)

or the fact that we had such an incredible show (which ran over courtesy of Christa & Sheba's savor faire)

or the fact that we ran to the wrong airport (another beautiful Christa moment)

or the fact that my daughter is now rolling her eyes at warped speed because she thinks she's

-- none of this matters, when my cousin is dealing with the death of her daughter's father. shot in the head 7 times and left for dead in his own home, he will never see lil' 3 year old Nora wear a cap n gown for graduation or her wedding dress. he will miss the prom and the first born. the first heartbreak and the first late night phonecall. he won't be able to protect her from the boy he used to be or the man he later became. and when phonecalls about another black man being murdered reach me in my semi-lucid state -- i have to apologize for my vanity.

i apologize for my self-centeredness.

bklyn contemplation -- oakland prayers

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