Saturday, March 26, 2005

love is in the air...

last nite was inspiring. i performed at columbia for the women's benefit. and its such an incredible group. they allow you to support a woman in africa, iraq and other places. help through monthly payments of 20 bucks or so to support her training, schooling, etc. you can become her pen pal in a way, check on her progress until she transfers out of the program and then you can then sponsor another woman. really fly idea check it out:
besides, i love performing with celena. she is one of the most incredible poets and performers ever. i hate when people give me the title - she's one of the hottest FEMALE poets. like, if i wasn't a woman, i wouldn't be hot? no categories please. that's like saying "she's smart - for a girl". or the one i've heard all my life "she's pretty -- to be darkskinned!" lol but i digress

her work as a writer always astounds me. and her "originality" is refreshing. you know, people with original ideas and concepts -- hell, give me an original perception - are incredible to me. and sharing a stage with her (and akua) was dope. word.

right now:
today is wierd. i can feel it in the air... maybe that's just the radiator hissing. or j spinning records in the background. days like these are cool. we ain't ate and i'm starving -- but it feels filling. this feeling. taste like accomplishment. maybe because i just talked to my newest london connection. im excited about my travels back across the pond. i wasn't at first. but now -- i can see the potential in this opportunity.

can you smell what the MO is cooking? lol

so im looking up rental lists throughout nyc. hard times ya'll... they want 1100 for a 2bdrm... nyc is a bunch of crooks! yea, i see you mr. tow man... you heard me. i said it. fuk da police!

sorry for the rant. it's definitely the creative energy bursting around this damn place! i have an assignment to complete for class on tuesday. i have a lesson plan to finish putting together for my women in hip hop series on monday (come join me! urban word @ teachers and writers 5 union sq west) and a show tonite (Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC 6pm ).

words n verbs rolled tight like a dutch - "kovas & delasoul"

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