Thursday, March 03, 2005

what dat

what dat
taste like?
feel like?
smell like?

i want it cause you got it
like dat
what it look like in the bed?
sound like during sex?
be like when it's cool ...when it's warm... when it's real ...?

i wanna know cause i really
feeling outta control
like drama is all i know
like this life is all i got and i want mo
like i know betta
but i dont know NO good
like i dont care
like i wanna share
like let's play pin the blame
like i don't like me
or anything reminding me of who i ain't

i said what dat
sound like?
feel like?
taste like?
be like?

i just wanna understand
want to understand
"want to understand"
what it is ?
cause i aint got the like
or even the love
in me
to figure out
what it isn't

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