Wednesday, March 16, 2005

songs to live by:

He's Mine: MoKenStef -- remember them? the trio *one hit wonder* that sang to another girl about wanting HER man? the song is crazy dumb - as her man was with this other chick, but definitely some ish women life by. LOL

Who Is He & What Is He To You: Bill Withers -- this is a classic! bill is talking to his woman about peeping the lil' secretive crap that was going on with her and the next man in the room. he is so smooth that he has these guitar riffs that make your spine quake. very flyy, very flyy indeed.

Fool Of Me: Meshell Ndegecello -- c'mon. this was and is a break up song for dat ass! anyone who has ever been played feels this song. men and women alike! God! i love this joint.

Inside Me: Meshell Ndegecello -- ok, this is the freak nasty song. and very very good to ahem, admire your loved one/significant other to. it is long, seductive and so sexxxxxy you might forget where you are. so beware your location when listening to this joint!

Black Gold Of The Sun: Nuyorican Soul -- ok, J turned me on to this one. actually most of my 70's and earlier joints (minus the soul jump off's) are because of him. his collection is impressive and so addictive. this joint makes me want to dance - thank goodness the cast doesn't get in our way!

All Cried Out: Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam -- cmon! i know you know all about this! i just bought it on amazon. this is the must have for the break up and getting over it mode. it's strong, it's inspirational -- it's freekin' electric bugaloo meets Lisa Lisa and Full Force HELLO??!

Little Girl Blue: Nina Simone -- my favorite. i read her autobiography long after i fell in love with her. fell back in love with her after playing one song. this is so true. women living life and wearing the bruises after the fact. very deep... so is The Other Woman. but that's another story.

As We Lay: Shirley Murdock -- now you know! ya momma was playing this joint on Saturday clean up's! this is the most provocative cheater song in history. im sure of it. and as much as i hate cheaters -- i understood this song and sang it like i lived it.

Darling Nikki: Prince -- whoa. i met this chick. im sure of it. ya know that freaky don't give a damn type of woman? lol her saving grace is Prince & The Revolution...

Use Me: Bill Withers -- another withers classic. GAWD! this is my life. so into the person that they can play you out but they love you soooo good, it don't matter! lol well, maybe not my life -- but i know the intensity my man is crooning.

Try A Little Tenderness: Otis Redding -- all a man has to do is listen to this song. and he will forever have a woman. have mercy

I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know: Donny Hathaway -- if you have no clue what this song is. you probably ain't felt love this hard. it's raw. so raw, it cuts when he sings "if i ever hurt you -- you know i hurt myself as well!" ummm. this is something i listened to every morning for a month before leaving a really bad relationship. i don't know -- i guess it gave me the strength.

At Last: Etta James -- we love her. this song is the all time favorite. i think it was voted the most used song in American movies. if you haven't heard it -- download it. this is what romantic songs were made from. the purity, the faith, the's what keeps me here...

tomorrow: i will put out the must have Hip Hop joints. if im missing something... holla


jeepbastard said...

be real black for me - roberta flack and donny hathaway.

Check out my boy Jon Oliver at:

He is a DJ at Madame X. He is from ohio and really knowledgable about music!

Mahogany L. Browne said...

dats whassup. imma check it out.