Tuesday, March 22, 2005

paris hilton and other freaks of nature

so now they want us to believe paris hilton coined the phrase "that's hot!" VH1 gave dis chick an award for Big Catchphrase of 2004.
im so not hearing that shyt. paris coined "that's hot" if vivica fox didn't get her groove back with 50 Cent!

the fact that Baby Mama Drama, Booty Call, Shiznet, Bling Bling and other Hip Hop phrases have made headlines (and have been added to the webster's dictionary) like wildfire is an even bigger reason to question the heiress as creator of a term that has been used in Hip Hop since Krs One "That's Not Hot", Cash Money - their entire catalogue is based on hot. and even a group is named the HOT BOYZ (the term derives from the south for cats that sale corner pharmaceuticals) and so many more. now. i'm not mad at the shine homegirl is getting. i watch her show (when J lets me - he's so stuck up! lol). but im not falling for da okey doke.

pot pies? i hate pot pies. do not like them. they remind me of sheperds pie. and that so reminds me of london. i was looking at pictures the other day. i like london. alot. i dont like some things about it -- but overall. i think that's the place where i could change my literary direction. they have an appreciation for the arts and it aint about the dance. that's so real. cause we dancing in america. but i took off my dancing shoes awhile back. only get my groove on to soul classics with my man. leave the words to dance on my tongue while on stage.

rolling of the eyes. yes. this is something many of us woman and some men mastered during grade school. one thing we knew -- within several butt whoopings -- was that you DO NOT roll your eyes at your parents. this act will be followed by "who you think you iz!?" well, as a parent. i had my first experience with this crap. yea me!? amari was upset because i wouldn't let her keep my fax box in her room for her simulated "karate" classes (dont ask) and decided she was gonna let me have it eyeball style. and it was sooooo perfect. i was like, whoa. she mastered that shyt so soon? but then it hit me. she just dissed me!? so after i threatened her, like only a mother knows how. i made her sit in the living room with no tv and no talking. this pissed her off. then after she ate dinner in the same place i sent her to her room to write an entire page on why she wouldn't do this anymore. this is what she wrote and exactly HOW she wrote it (excerpt):

i will never roll my eyes anymore because it will hurt people's fillings and they roll their eyes at you because you did it to them. you got to be nice to people or else they will be mean to you and your eyes will roll over and you wont be able to see or go to school. just see your own brain. you will have to go to the hospital so they can get some new eyeballs for you to see agin. you should not do it to an adult or an teacher because you will be in trouble and get a wopein from your moms and dads. dont roll your eye because it is not polite to be a big brat who would be mean to everybody you wouldnt have no friends to help you.

damn. this girl keeps me on my toes...

shows n sh*t!

im amped. finally back on the gravy train. i have a doctor's appointment today & my writing class with the incredible p. smith. but even betta -- i have shows all weekend!

friday - Columbia University (this is a benefit supporting women 4 women. a group focused on helping women in africa) 6pm

sat - Cornelia Street Cafe -- feature at a cool spot in lower manhattan...i'm looking forward to the weekend. 6pm

mon - Urban Word Women in Hip Hop series. 430pm

my assistant/teen mentor is one of my best students (ever) ms. sarah lawrence herself AJA! she is fierce ya'll. very inspirational and sooo adorable! she loves the word. and one of my few students that performed for my teen mom's group. which is a hard feat considering they are pregnant and dont wanna hear SHYT! lol

countdown fam. we have 3 weeks and 4 days to go. check out my ova blog if you wanna see how the scars look. ick. but its cool - cause he still rubs my toes. and life can't get much better than that.

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