Wednesday, March 09, 2005

sux-y sorta

weather is crazy depressing... class got cancelled cause of the snow...watching south park 5 - we bought the entire season the other day. i did get the fax machine (finally) and another george foreman cooker. all that shopping and my toes started to swell back up!

otherwise, im ok. i think?? no. im definite. rough patches be...rough?? i've been on the net constantly. surfing, purchasing albums that i don't need. lol but "das ok! cause afta another qualo -- i love him in the morning" (cmon now -- scarface, stay wit me). we trynna go to new orleans... some impromptu ish... hope the weather will be nice. i love new orleans. the shrimp etoufee, catifsh poboy's at 3am and the crazy clubs -- free and pouring onto bourbon street on any given friday evening turned saturday morning. the big easy is easy to fall in love with. except when you meet a 12-year old smack addict dancing for spare change so he can get his fix. that shyt is a crazy awakening...
that said, hopefully the positive will outweigh the negative... besides, it will be a good change from inside these brooklyn building walls.

until the cast is removed,


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