Friday, March 31, 2006

happy trails

and i dont wanna go - cause i dont wanna leave them
but i have two days of studio work to complete - and if not
now when? i'll beback for before they can blink... but that doesn't
stop me from wanting to jump back in the bed and fall awake to his

they are heavy. and hypnotic. and i want to be there when he wakes and
says 'morning. i want to be there when she pushes my eyelids open with her
voice too shrill for daytime perception. it hurst beautifully, i only miss it when
im gone -- in the midst of the morning, i just want to sleep until i dont. and she
reminds me that the world is happening regardless of what i am doing - so i jump
to it! find my self soaking away a dream somewhere and start moving -- auto pilot
is a beautiful thing.

but now. i just want to be back from denver. where the people are really dope and the
poetry pushes the envelope (i so not meant to rhyme). and of course i wanna thank Live
mik for lookin out on the spontaneous atx visit. i have to thank the stars for the great ones

and of course. ms jo - who made this beautiful blog design after peepin' my poor excuse of one
last week! love u much girlie... and to you - for reading me every day and not holding it against my mental health.

we will talk soon - weekly breakdown of this week's past events or something. it was a doozy

bklyn boarding a JFK jet


Angel said...

Yes Ms. Jo definitely does her thang on all projects she the touches!!! It looks great! Have safe travels on your trip!!!

CousinSarah said...

Have a great safe trip mama. Cant wait till you come back!

Shelle said...

really like the new look mo...yes, ms jo does her thing.
God speed and hope to see you soon.

my coffee is always said...

the look is absolutely amazing like the woman behind the words... i know the work will be dope once completed... miss you and i cannot wait until july... wish we could've connected, but, it wasn't in the plan this time... you and yours are always in my mind and heart... love you sis..
live mik... thir13teen...