Thursday, December 30, 2004

48 hours

who wouldve thought... just 2 days before my vacation -- drama pops off! all family
or after this weekend, this disowned family DRAMA. who knows. too busy trying to keep my head above water mannn... i'll just call these growing cramps. and keep it moving...

shake off the bad vibes -- got bigger demons to conquer. back in london in february. recording for BBC's new spokenword project. im real excited about that. anxious, even... i actually put my new year's schedule here -- come chill wit me if i'm in ya area!

almost new year

5 - flypoet showcase, LA California
26 - Poets as Muse, Denver Colorado
27 - theatre showcase, Denver CO
28 - Cafe Nuba, Denver Colorado

9 - 10 Seattle, Washington
11 - Portland, OR
13 - PUNANY REVIVAL: featuring original cast members from the punany poets & much more! Bloomfield, NJ


Vett said...

Did my Dad catch up with you on the 5th? Sorry I could not be there.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

yea he did! it was cool to see him walk up -- i didnt know he was in the audience... i think i would've been mad nervous!