Monday, December 13, 2004

what, what, what

what's bubbling:

ideas -- working on a new novel...too much life happening around me for it to pass these concepts forming in my head...

book - Thin Skin is here! Buy ya copy NOW....great christmas present, everyone in my fam is getting one! lol

home - i organized my dvd collection, dusted and put together my bookcase from IKEA (who loves them like i do!!?)

amari - she had a sleepover. loved it. took her to chuck e cheese (indoor playground for kids) got real broke! but she loved it. and she's reading at 3rd grade level... i love her

him - gets on my nerves, stresses me out, keeps me guessing, tries to better himself & our lives, is always there, loves me back, loves me back, loves me.

vacation - so we are doing it. no work for atleast 3 days. a beach in puerta vallerta mexico is the plan. im so giddy it feels like i drank 2 pints of coffee... you don't get it -- there has been NO holiday for about 6 years. always working when i travel. even when i check out the natives -- its still work related... this is strictly us time!

album - static linked me up with some new tracks, as did karega. black secret soul is spinning on music choice right now (nationally syndicated cable music channel!) -- holla back if you love ASCAP

what else? i dunno... check back in a few, im sure i will pull something outta my ass... terrible analogy but you get me!

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Vett said...

I cannot wait to read the book!